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Plastic worlding

 Sliding, wrapping, strangling and tangling, 

 plastics are quietly weaving new worlds. 


Though often imagined as existing outside of ‘nature’, and despite their desirable qualities as impenetrable sealers and containers of bacterial worlds, plastics are inextricably entangled with soil, air water and human/more-than-human life forms. Forming roots that hold together river banks, bottling milk for young children, weaving birds’ nests, settling into the hard and soft architectures of early childhood spaces, soothing gums of teething infants and framing lattices for new forest saplings, plastics are inventive shape-shifters with whom they share their worlds.

Pieces of this installation have also been featured at El Centro Interamericano de Artesanías y Arte Popular (CIDAP) as part of the Plastic Childhoods exhibit in Cuenca, Ecuador

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