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With no beginning or end,

                                    energy explodes,



                                                      and flows with different speeds and slownesses.


Energy transits through different geometries, dimensions and rhythms. It simultaneously moves beyond colonial structures that seek to codify/extract it. Yet, it is powerfully channeled by those structures in ways that require ongoing attention.


Energy moves at different geo-political and molecular scales: from energies of migration within and beyond state borderlines, and networks of industrial cities that have been an unequivocal but sometimes silenced part of energy production, to sites such as cemeteries where microbial transformation of rotting bodies and hyper-(de)composition continue to regenerate thriving energetic networks. 


As a polymorphic network, the energy collaboratories trouble anthropocentric notions of energy by attending to its insatiably transformative qualities. In the energy collaboratories, human and nonhuman bodies are sites for the consumption, divestment, channeling and articulation of energy: as bodies move, fall and come into contact with one another. How do happenings or traces of our encounters with energy tell small stories that cut against the flows of larger stories about electric vehicles, smart cities, or ‘recyclable’ plastics? How do diverse energetic flows question, exceed or undermine conventional (neoliberal) flows of and knowledges about energy and energy technologies? 

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